A Few Things I've Learned About Marriage

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Reflecting on 2013, I decided to write down just A FEW things I have learned about being married. I have learned so much about myself and about my husband but these are a few I want to share for now. =)

#1. It is NOT possible to spend 24/7 with your spouse without wanting to rip their heads off. It's just not possible. Personal space is still prevalent even when you're married! Let yourself have "me" time, it's super important, not only for your own sanity but for your spouse as well.

#2. There is no such thing as OVER COMMUNICATING! D and I always make sure we are on the same page for every little thing! We have no problem letting each other know what's going on, whether it's our daily or future plans.

#3. It's okay to argue. In fact, it's healthy to argue. It's better to let your spouse know what is bothering you and kind of fight it out and come up with a solution then to hold it in. This sort of goes along with communication, but it is really important. If you hold stuff in because you don't want to hurt your spouses feelings, DON'T! It will only hurt the relationship more if you let it simmer and then it comes out years later. 

#4. It's more then okay to have different interests. For instance, D is a history buff, specifically in church history and family history. Me, not so much. Some things intrigue me about it but I can only handle so much at a time. I am a TV junkie and I'm sure D could care less about which person is crazy and which person is pretty in the TV shows I watch. If we both had the same interests and hobbies life would get really boring! 

#5. Define your roles as a couple. It is important to define things in the relationship like: who is going to be the sole money maker, or if both of you will do that, who does what chore, who does the finances, etc. If these are not defined then future arguments and assumptions can come up that can really take a toll on a marriage.

#6. DATE NIGHT! This is super important as work and other things get in the way of having time for just the two of us to be together and enjoy each others company. Try and do something out of the normal date night routine.


  1. love all of these! i am 8 months into marriage & definitely agree with all of this!! :)

    1. Awh! How awesome for you!! I'm only 1.5 years into my marriage and it's amazing how much we can learn in just a short time!

  2. While I'm not married (yet!), these are great lessons to keep in mind for relationships at all levels :)